Thursday, 21 July 2011

Where do coconut palms grow & why?

The coconut palm requires the right habitat to grow and bear fruit. It prefers areas with sandy soil, regular rainfall (At least 150cm per year) and lots of sunlight. Coconut trees need to have very little or no overhead canopy as they require a lot of sun.

Coconuts require temperatures above 24°C but they are impartial to cold weather. A Coconut is rarely seen in low humidity areas because it needs high humidity to grow. The reason is that coconuts will not grow even if the temperature is above 24°C without high humidity. Coconut trees will survive if the winter temperature is about 4-12°C, but will not survive long periods of freezing weather as frost is usually fatal. If they grow in the wrong type of weather conditions they may not bear fruit.

Coconut trees are found in over 80 different countries around the world mainly to the south of the equator. The most well known touristic places where coconuts are found are Brazil, India, Thailand etc. They are well known for young green coconuts which are sold on the beach to the tourists.

Coconut water story coming next!